Welcome to Regex Match Tracer 3.0

Regex Match Tracer is a powerful regex tool which will tell you where in your regex failed to match, where in you regex attempted the most times, trace into match process to see the detailed steps. Regex Match Tracer is a convenient regex tool to edit, test,debug and optimize your regex, especially for very long and considerate regex.

Main features of Regex Match Tracer:

  • Show regex in colorized text, it makes regex more easy to read.
  • Show regex in tree structure synchronously, it makes regex more clear.
  • Centralized groups and their capture cotents.
  • Record the time elapsed of every match.
  • Test only one node in a long regex.
  • Provide a gadget to save text clips.
  • Add regex snapshots, that let you modify & try regex more freely.
  • Save regex and text as a project for archive and communication.
  • Within regex, record attempt times of every node.
  • Within regex, trace each success, failure, backtrack of node in match process.
  • Within regex, locate the match fail point node.
  • Save match result to text or csv.
  • Import from & export to program strings.