What's New

V3.0.1: New release, 2013-4-6

  • Within regex, trace each success, failure, backtrack of node in match process.
  • Within regex, locate the match fail point node.

Upgrade History

V2.1.*: Upgrade, 2008-11-26 ~ 2012

  • Display a wait dialog to break longtime matching
  • Supports snapshots to save history of regex
  • Text clips are able to be reordered by dragging
  • Set font of regex and text edit box
  • Optimize mode to show attempt times of every node

V2.0.*: Upgrade, 2007-10-7

  • Supports to do Matching, Replacing and Splitting
  • Supports RIGHTTOLEFT mode
  • Test only one part of a long regex
  • Upgrade demo code creating
  • Record time elapsed of every match
  • Supports text clips box to save temporary texts
  • Supports to set a start position to start debug
  • Detect stack overflow of recursive pattern

V1.2: Stable release, 2006-9-26

  • Show regex in colorized text
  • Show regex in tree structure
  • Show groups and their capture contents in list
  • Create demo program to use regex
  • Save regex and text as a project