Regex is an advanced, efficient, standard and widely used method of text parsing. Regex is not only a text, it is also a piece of code representing a match logic.

A very long regex does not mean complex and slow, but it does mean considerate and efficient. For example, this is a long regex for HTML tag:


This regex is able to match any html tag, even not normally enclosed tag.

How does Regex Match Tracer make long regex easy

It becomes more easy and convenient to write a long regex with Regex Match Tracer 3.0.


Convenient as a visual editor for regex

Show regex in tree structure and colorized text. It makes your long regex clear and easy to read. Show group capture contents in details with time elapsed. See details...

Advanced in regex syntax

Supports basic syntax and advanced syntax, such as named group, recursive pattern, independent pattern, conditional pattern etc. See details...

Powerful in debugging and optimizing

Locate the exact fail point in the regex if match fail. Do match all, do match one by one, and do trace into matching step by step. See details...